Russian Metal Icons, Tóth Ikonen

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Über Russian Metal Icons, Tóth Ikonen


Icons painted in wood have, in the West, long been associated with the Orthodox Church, as both objects of devotion and works of art in their own right. Icons cast in copper or brass are perhaps less well known, but no less important in the rituals of the Church and the lives of individual believers. The earliest metal icons came from Byzantium, but their production in Russia dates back to the Church's beginning in Kievan Rus. Like their wooden counterparts, the can embody great artistry and skill, as well as reflecting the artistic traditions, beauty of worship and deep spirituality of the Russian Church. Tóth Ikonen has been dealing in icons of wood and metal for over 45 years. It is known to collectors throughout the world, through its gallery (formerly in Amsterdam, now in Huizen), and also its participation in fairs, TEFAF Maastricht and PAN Amsterdam. In writing this book, Ferenc and Christel Tóth hope to convey something of their own love for Russian metal icons, as well as to demonstrate the variety, beauty, and spirituality of these artefacts. Artikelcode: 5408 Auteur: Ferenc en Christel Tóth Engelstalig Geïllustreerd: in kleur Uitvoering: Softcover Paperback Taal: Engels Aantal pagina's: 152 Formaat: 29 x 24 cm ISBN: 978 906109 5408